Friday, March 25, 2011

Beauty Secrets of Marilyn Monroe and other stars of the past

We want to use technology more advanced and sophisticated to buy clothing made with cutting-edge fabrics and to trust in new beauty treatments that capture us with their names miraculous things like MaiPiùCell, and BastaConLeRughe DimagrisciInDueOre! So the end of the day all of us modern-looking women, we are inspired by models of the past and we have only one dream: to be as beautiful as the stars of the past ...

prosperous, radiant, maternal, and hunters, refined and sensual, women who have film history have embodied in their look the charm that we all yearn for. Each of them had a beauty secret and we are ready to unveil one by one! AUDREY HEPBURN The secret of the beauty of this actress was all in her eyes that can enchant anyone with the sweetness and mystery, which broadcast.

To obtain a similar result should anzittutto treat the shape of our eyebrows, which should not be too thin and certainly not depart from the natural line. Although as teenagers go through the phase of the monosopracciglio shave on the ground that makes us look like the sleeping woman, "actually work too drastic and unnatural remove facial expression and could force us to make good with a pencil or tattoo! Talk to an expert beautician, therefore, do not get carried away by the current fashion, which, you know, go back in time to return again.

Get ready to find forever! BETTE DAVIS And who dreams of her eyes so bright and fresh, even late at night?! The beautiful Bette did not even know what they were bags under the eyes or crow's feet! This beautiful diva of the past had discovered the wonderful wonders of the cucumber ... but now you do not plan to run a nice summer salad, sliced cucumber with why Bette Davis dabbed his eyes every night and you are not stuffing as you hoped! So, come on, before going to bed just a slice on each eye and a bit 'Vaseline, to have a look young and refreshed even if you've seen the bed for a few hours.

It 'an old beauty secret passed from grandmothers and 100% natural, but still works in spite of chemical potions, who knows what's inside ... GRETA GARBO A woman with eyes was able to capitulate even more unattainable man, That is to say: what you should not ever ask for! To become expert seducers, just inspired by the make-up of Greta Garbo, who played on the contrast of two colors on eyelids used two eyeshadows and remember that is always the darkest in the crease.

Little tip: before applying eye shadow, dusting the area below the eyes with a little 'face powder or talcum powder: the residues, especially eyeshadow, go away with a sigh. Garbo also used an eyeliner made do-it-yourself, think about it, with oil and coal we can do without seeing if they also sell hypoallergenic! At night, when make-up, the actress's eyes softened with Vaseline.

KATHARINE HEPBURN We know women sometimes complain much, but we are pretty lazy! Then we complain that the rebels skin, brittle and, at worst, is squama! Do it like this beautiful actress, that time was unable to grow old but has made it more interesting precisely because of their age. She used to gently exfoliate the skin and Decollette with a miraculous potion made with his own hands made of: hot water, sugar and lemon juice; finally squirted some ice water, which by the way also the property of retaining the trick for the whole day! What does it cost to try? Certainly save to break the piggy of our savings to buy some kind of chemical concoction: the natural always better, no?? GRACE KELLY A real princess, beautiful as only the princesses of fairy tales can be, the woman who enchanted the world for its enviable grace and elegance! The secret of the charm of Grace Kelly was all in the cheekbones, high and pronounced that the actress gave an extra touch of chic.

Beautiful as you, of course, or born or vain dreams of becoming (but woe to resort to surgery that creates clones sometimes horrifying) to imitate her makeup-face enough to do this: take two shades of blush and apply the most clear above the bone and the darker the cavity below. The advice we can give you is to choose shades blend well and which do not depart too far from your color, otherwise you risk looking like Heidi! SOPHIA LOREN is contained in her beauty and charm of the wild lands of the South When we see it still in the red carpet parade we ask, but how will he keep so young? Plastic Surgery? Filters in the cameras? A pact with the Devil ???!!! None of this, because every diva has her little beauty secret: we discover that of Loren! Since its inception the beautiful Sophia pampered skin with olive oil, used in the bath instead of shower gel.

No need of course you go to squeeze the olives in person, because today there are many herbal ointments just olive oil that guarantee an immediate super-! Given the results of Loren, would agree at least to try, do not you think? Rita Hayworth The secret charm of this famous star was all wrapped up in her eyes, and deep thanks to the magnetic thin eyebrows that framed round eyes.

Do not even try to thin out your sunglasses, you risk only to remove the eye expressive, but better to turn to an expert who will recognize what form best suited to your face! If you also want to capture the men at first glance, but not enough to ask the beautician to draw eyebrows like those of Rita, but we should put so many hours in the mirror to be able to bend so mischievous as she was able to do when it decides to surrender some nice young man! In short, the secret of beauty is: the expressiveness and self-confidence.

LIZ TAYLOR AND 'disappeared these days Liz Taylor, the violet-eyed diva, icon of femininity and elegant cutlery, the sweetness and talent. Match his style is really impossible, but certainly a master of charm as she posssono only steal valuable lessons. Liz loved to emphasize both its beautiful purple eyes with a black outline of the pencil made his magnetic eyes and seductive, is not too fleshy lips, which made up with various shades of crimson.

It was also used to give light to the face with earrings and necklaces, which combined with a flavor all her outfit, accessories, light but not vulgar, a valuable outline of the face and nothing more. A special lady who we loved so much and we will never forget! And finally, one who has been called the most beautiful woman and the envy of all time ...

MARILYN MONROE What can I say about her without sounding banal? There are many stars who still try to emulate her beauty, and goodness knows how many more will try in the future, but with what result?!! To be green with envy at the time already actresses, her colleagues, was in particular the skin of which seemed to have Marilyn alabaster.

In part on Mother Nature, who with Monroe gave her best, in part of a hormone cream powder that the actress applied to the face every day. Before you rush to the web in search of this remedy, we know that Marilyn had the same problems. It is said that because of these hormones on her face sprouted hair, blond but annoying.

Better to opt for a foundation pearl, which gives the skin that effect impalpable so retro and stylish.

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